Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fantastic way to start off the race season!!

I have been itching to race!! I haven't completed a triathlon since last September. I have some good goals in mind for this upcoming year and have really wanted to see where I am at in regards to racing. But I hate racing when it is cold! The Icebreaker is held here locally and it has been really cold in years past. But, last weekend as I looked at the 7 day forecast it looked like it was going to be great weather! I decided to sign up and get all my race nerves out and remind myself that I know how to race!

I contemplated and stewed over what I was going to wear all week because it was going to be around 54 degrees...should I wear arm warmers? A vest? Socks? My poor triathlon coaches got two seperate emails from me analyzing what I was going to wear! I know it shouldn't have been that big of deal...but with a sprint I didn't want to waste very much time in transition putting stuff on. Heath was so awesome to let me borrow a swim skin...and it was the perfect thing to race in!! I left Heath and Mahogani's on Thursday feeling like I had a great plan for what to wear. I also spent some time talking to Mahogani about how I was going to race on Saturday...paces I should be hitting and such. I felt totally prepared mentally and physically for this race.

Icebreaker is so fun because it is like a big local triathlon reunion! It was such a great time setting up this morning and visiting with everyone. Race time approached quickly and we made our way into the pool. I have to be honest that I hate pool swim triathlons..I would much rather be in the open water..but in March you take what you can get! My swim was nothing spectacular...I thought I should have held a stronger pace, but that is just how it goes sometimes. I headed out to transition to get on my bike. I have to be honest...I was SO excited to race with my new Kestrel bike! The course was a 2 loop with an uphill going out and downhill coming back. I had a good mantra going in my head to keep me focused and just targeted whoever was in front of me. I quickly realized that my speedometer wasn't working on my discouraging as Coach had given me paces to meet!!! Second garmin died and I dropped by gu!! heartrate or pace to go by and now I only got half of my gu!! Crap!! It was time to mentally focus on you take what you get on stressing out!! Just ride hard!

As I headed out on the run I wondered how in the heck I was going to hit my paces that Coach had set!! I decided if I felt like I was going to die then I was probably holding somewhere close to what I was supposed to. I quickly started to catch up to people on the course which always motivates me! Up the big hill again...I did give myself a 5 second walk...who the heck knows what my heartrate was..but it was bursting!! As I topped the hill I passed a guy and asked him what pace we were running...he said 7:25...crap...that isn't close!! I thought I probably had time to make up and I better just push myself...The last 1.5 miles I really, really wanted to walk...but I knew that I couldn't!! I came into the finish having no idea what my time was or how I did. It was so great to see my coaches at the finish line! I was told I had ran the course fast, but had no idea at what pace. So..then it was the waiting game for the results. I hated having no idea what my time was. When they were posted I was SO excited!! I won the race!! I finished the race in 1:01...and I hit the paces my coaches had set!!

I am still waiting to have the perfect race where nothing goes wrong...and am starting to think that it doesn't happen. We just have to roll with the punches that are thrown at us on races, keep smiling, and remember that this is FUN!! We do this sport because we love it...and sometimes we can even snag a win!

A big thanks goes out to Flexr Sports, Kestrel Bikes, Gu, Contour, HEAD, Bearpaw...I absolutely loved using all their products today! From the fuzzy boots in the frigid morning air, to my awesome swim goggles, to nutrition, to my amazing bike, and sweet water well as a great recovery with my Contour. All of these sponsors made my day spectacular!

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